La Virgen Clip Bookmark

  • Unique bookmarks feature paperclip type clasp that simply slides over the page
  • Flexible character tops keep tabs on your place in a book while displaying your Mexican pride
  • Colorful figures peer over your bookmarked spot in a closed book
  • Size: 3.5 x 0.2 x 4.3"
  • Designed in Mexico

Mark your spot with our La Virgen bookmarks, which feature the iconic Virgin of Guadalupe. A great gift for voracious readers, these Mexican design bookmarks feature colorful character tops in 3 different colors on a paperclip-style base that will keep you from dog-earring your book's pages. Our bookmarks work wonderfully for novels, but can also be used with notebooks and journals. This colorful La Virgen page marker will add a touch of personality and share your love of Mexican culture. On the hill of Tepeyac, the virgin appeared in 1523 to Juan Diego, who was wearing an "Ayate" (jute mantle) to collect the harvest. Juan Diego picked up some roses and took them to the bishop. The flowers fell from the mantle and revealed the image of the virgin on the cloth. The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered the Mexican virgin and is one of the most venerated in the Catholic religion. Mexico has countless traditions due to the merge of pre-Hispanic and Spanish culture, forming an identity folklore that spreads across the entire country. At Adela San Diego, we are proud of our country: our history, our culture, and people. Our unique products are created to share how wonderful Mexico is and each piece reminds us that we are all "Mexican By Heart.

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